school based aba


We have a long history of providing school based ABA consultation. We have worked with dozens of public districts and private schools to build staff’s capacity in delivering ABA programming to students. Our behavior analysts have been teachers and we understand the challenges of managing a classroom.

Within schools, we provide:

  • Behavior assessment, including functional behavior assessment (FBA)
  • Behavior plan development
  • Teacher and staff training, including evaluating treatment integrity
  • Ongoing data analysis and consultation
  • Evaluation Team Report (ETR) assessment
  • IEP goal development and consultation
  • Class wide behavior management consultation
  • School and district wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) guidance, particularly tier 2 and tier 3 supports
  • Social and emotional curriculum coaching
  • Comprehensive and focused based programming for individual students when requested

For more information on school based ABA consultation, please contact us.