aba programming

We provide ABA programming for individual clients based on their needs. 

  1. ABA programming begins with an assessment. After the assessment, the client’s team will receive a report of the assessment and programming recommendations. If ABA programming is not the best fit for the client, we provide referrals for other services.
  2. Recommendations for ABA programming may be comprehensive, focused, or consultative.
    1. Comprehensive ABA programming targets multiple domains, such as decreasing problem behavior, language, social, emotional, and adaptive functioning. This treatment is intensive in hours, often 25-40 hours a week, and involves a high degree of parent and caregiver training. Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) is a type of comprehensive ABA programming for children up to 7 years old. 
    2. Focused ABA programming targets a limited number of areas and targeted behavior, such as improving social skills and decreasing problem behavior. Sometimes focused programming is part of a step down from comprehensive ABA programming. It is appropriate for individuals working to reach developmentally appropriate milestones in a few areas. 
    3. Behavior consultation can be a one time or ongoing service regarding a particular area of concern. Services are provided by a BCBA-D or BCBA to include direct treatment and modeling of treatment implementation for parents/caregivers or other staff.
  3. Setting up ABA programming is then spearheaded by the behavior analyst. All of our ABA programming is designed and supervised with a master or doctoral level behavior analyst (BCBA or BCBA-D).
  4. Programming can occur in a wide variety of settings. We have established programming in:
    1. Homes 
    2. Offices and job sites
    3. Community locations (playground, library, stores, camps, etc.)
    4. Private and public schools
    5. Daycares
  5. The behavior analyst will establish when reassessment and team meetings will occur to review progress and make new recommendations. Fading services and future discharge is always in sight as our clients work toward independence.

For more information on ABA programming, please contact us.