behavior assessment and recommendations

We provide behavior assessment and recommendations based on the needs of each individual. 

  1. One time assessment regarding a particular area of concern and a need for treatment recommendations based on the expertise of the behavior analyst. This may include: 
    1. Observational assessment
    2. Functional behavior assessment (FBA)
    3. Functional analysis (FA)
    4. Record review
    5. Behavior analytic curriculum assessment
    6. Skills assessment
    7. Combination of the above
  2. After the assessment, a report is produced for team consideration. Most often, an accompanying behavior intervention plan (BIP) is developed in conjunction with the assessment.
  3. A meeting is scheduled to review the results of the assessment and treatment recommendations for everyone on the individual’s team. 
  4. At Proactive Behavior Services, we utilize the most up to date assessments and curriculum to ensure our clients get the best our science has to offer. Examples of assessments and curricula we use include the following in addition to creating our own programs:
    1. VB-MAPP
    2. PEAK 
    3. Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS)
    4. Essential for Living 
    5. Socially Savvy
    6. Accept Identify Move (AIM)
    7. The Peers Curriculum for School-Based Professionals
    8. Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT)
    9. Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales

At Proactive Behavior Services, we do not provide diagnostic assessments. This is intentional in order to maintain clear boundaries between diagnosing and referring for ABA services. We provide a referral list for psychologists and developmental pediatricians in the region.  

For more information on behavior assessment, please contact us.