Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if ABA programming is the best thing for my child?

There is a substantial amount of research that ABA is the gold standard treatment for children with autism. ABA is endorsed by a wide array of national organizations devoted to evaluating the best treatments. If you have not had or have had a negative ABA experience, contact us and we would be happy to discuss options for your family.

Why does my child need so many hours of programming?

Implementing ABA programming over many hours has shown to lead to the best outcomes. Studies have looked at ABA programming for 25-40 hours a week compared to eclectic programming for the same amount of time and found that the ABA programming was superior in producing cognitive and academic gains. 

Do you work with children that do not have autism?

We work with children and adults with a wide array of challenges. Because of the decades of experience across our behavior analysts, we have worked with children with learning disabilities, social and emotional disorders, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, hearing and vision disabilities, brain injury, chromosomal abnormalities, genetic disorders, behavioral disorders, that are twice exceptional, and without any disability or disorder. 

When will my child have time to just be a kid?

Yes! Working on play and social skills is an integral part of ABA programming. The goal is for your child to have a daily routine as similar as possible to their peers. So if it is time to play, ABA programming will be working on play skills. If it is time for chores, ABA programming will be working on functional life skills. Our programming will be teaching your child how to access all of those essential “kid” skills.

What is better for my child over 3 years old, a treatment center or school? 

In order to determine the best option, a few things needs to be considered. First, no decision that is made is forever. At any time, you can choose to send your child to a different center or to school. Second, it is important to consider what the treatment center or school is offering your child. If the treatment center is not offering other therapies (speech, occupational therapy, a licensed teacher, etc.), will your child get these services another way? Does the school have staff trained in ABA? Because every child has individualized needs, there is not one answer to this question. Proactive Behavior Services has worked with hundreds of families that have considered this question and we would be happy to work with your family. For more guidance, check out the blog on Treatment Center of School?

I have received conflicting information about ABA, what should I believe?

Unfortunately, there are not only many misrepresentations of ABA, but there is also a lack of qualified ABA professionals in Ohio and beyond. This often leads to bad ABA experiences or misinformation. Proactive Behavior Services has worked with dozens of families that came to us after a bad experience elsewhere. We pride ourselves on being open, honest, and realistic. For more guidance, check out the blog on Misrepresentations of ABA.